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Leisure and Recreation

Project Liberty Youth Group

Young people who have any additional need (including Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, or anxiety) or even those who could just do with a little boost, are all welcome to our Project Liberty groupl 

The group meets weekly for leisure outings in the community, and also has regular school holiday "boost" schemes (including annual summer scheme). These allow young people the opportunity to practice social and life skills in a safe and scaffolded environment, with specialist staff, and with a peer group who all experience the same needs. 

Transition Group

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a scary time for many young people and their parents. We offer an annual transition summer scheme which works intensively with groups of young people who are about to enter year 8. 

This group focuses on the skills of:

- Friendship making

- Life-skills (getting the bus, ordering and paying for a meal, asking for help independently)

- Daily living skills (packing a schoolbag, following a timetable, tying a tie and shoelaces). 

We practice these skills in a user-friendly way via outings and accessing community leisure facilities, as well as more structured teaching activities. 

Social & Emotional Well-being

We offer a range of supports for children and young people who could do with a boost for their social and emotional skills. 

After school classes including Relax Kids (relaxation and mindfulness class), Balancability (learning to cycle), Superflex (social skills group) all help children to learn new skills, meet people and socialise. 

We hold several annual summer schemes designed for various age ranges (pre-school, primary school, tween age-group); as well as frequent weekend and school holiday events (for example a sibling wellbeing day, young women's club, Saturday friendship and play group etc). 

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