Not-for-profit therapy services: 
 Educational Psychology, Speech & Language Therapy,
Behaviour Therapy, Learning Support.

Educational Psychology
Speech and Language therapy
Behaviour Therapy
Learning support

Upon booking any assessment a deposit of £50 will be taken. Two working days' notice must be given for cancellations. Cancellations without 2 working days' notice will result in this deposit being non-refundable. 

Educational Psychology assessments, priced at £400:

Parental consultation, IQ testing, academic attainments, behaviour screening for conditions such as ADHD/ADD/Autism, diagnosis of specific and general learning difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, mild, moderate and severe general learning difficulties), access arrangements testing.

Multi-disciplinary Autism Diagnostic Assessment- £1200:

This assessment meets NICE guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). As part of the assessment a proforma for medical assessment (compiled by a consultant paediatrician) will be provided for you to take to your GP in order to provide evidence that there are no medical needs which could be contributing to the child's social communication difficulties. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

IQ assessment, academic attainments, detailed parental neuro-developmental history, observation and school consultation, Speech and Language Assessment (where clinically appropriate), ADOS autism testing, detailed report with findings and recommendations.


Parent training sessions, priced £25. Monthly dates announced via our facebook page.


Individual intervention (counselling, CBT, behaviour support etc), individually priced (usually between £40-£60 per session), please fill in the contact form or phone Clare for further details of how we can support your child.

Fledglings Early Intervention Project: This 12 week programme of early years support for children suspected of or newly diagnosed with Autism, costs £1200 (in cases where a child is awaiting assessment, full diagnostic assessment will be provided as part of the fee). Children up to age 5 will attend the centre for one morning per week for a period of 6 weeks for an extended assessment period. Following this a further 6 week period of intervention in the home or school context is carried out. Children leave with a bespoke learning plan to support them as individuals.