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Upon booking any assessment a deposit of £100 will be taken for cognitive assessment, and £200 for ASD/ADHD. Two working days' notice must be given for cancellations. Cancellations without 2 working days' notice will result in this deposit being non-refundable. 

Educational Psychology assessments, priced at £600 (as of April 2023)

Parental consultation, IQ testing, academic attainments, behaviour screening for conditions such as ADHD/ADD/Autism, diagnosis of specific and general learning difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, mild, moderate and severe general learning difficulties), access arrangements testing.

Multi-disciplinary Autism Diagnostic Assessment- From £1200 (as of April 2023)

This assessment meets NICE guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). As part of the assessment a medical assessment with one of our Doctors (either GP or Consultant Paediatrician) will be carried out. Our standard assessment includes detailed parental neuro-developmental history, school consultation, ADOS autism testing, and a detailed report with findings and recommendations. Upon request we can add in cognitive testing and/or speech and language assessment if these are warranted (at extra cost). On occasions we may require further information about the child in a social context, and a school observation will be necessary. In this case a further fee will be incurred. 

ADHD assessment: £1200 (as of April 2023) ADHD assessment involves detailed parental neurodevelopmental history, completion of parent and teacher diagnostic questionnaires (Conners' checklists), QB check computer assessment with patient, and medical assessment with Consultant Paediatrician (Dr. Janice Bothwell or Dr Anish Anish).

Parent training sessions, priced £30. Monthly dates announced via our Facebook page.

Individual intervention (counselling, CBT, behaviour support etc), individually priced (usually between £50-£75 per session), please fill in the contact form or phone for further details of how we can support your child. 

Leisure Activities: These are advertised in advance on our Facebook site and fees vary.

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